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Window of Opportunity Grant

Keep North Carolina Beautiful operates through a grant process that is open to any 501 (c) 3 organization in the state of North Carolina. The grants are for beautification, replenishment and recycling projects that educate the youth of North Carolina on the impacts of preserving and enhancing our state’s environmental sustainability. The grants are for $1000.00 each.


Window of Opportunity Grants are for specific projects with a time-line and completion date. A Letter of Commitment is required from the organization’s principal or director.  The applicant will fill out an application, attach a PDF file with the scope of work, budget, and time-line. This will be submitted with the completed Letter of Commitment. Once the entity receives a grant, an expense report must be submitted to KNCB with an itemized list of expenditures totaling the grant awarded.


The application period is from August 15 through November 30, 2023.  Awards will be announced January 31, 2024. Grants will be presented in February and March of 2024.

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