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September 30th, 2023

Keep North Carolina Beautiful in partnership with WRAL-Capital Broadcasting presents the 37th Annual Azalea Celebration in the fall.  The exact date is published on our website the first week of June.  This event is open and encouraged for non-profit organizations that would like up to 50 Azaleas to plant and beautify their area in North Carolina.


Assisted by volunteers, we distribute over 5,000 Azaleas each year.  Simply fill out the application form and submit it to us by August 31st and you will be contacted with  instructions for pick up that will include a scheduled time and a map.  These Azaleas range in size from two to three feet tall and are fully really to plant.  In addition to this program, we offer the A.J. Fletcher award for those organizations that keep the Azaleas alive.


To reward you for maintaining your project and plants for use for expanding your current project or creating a new one: First Place: $500 and 100 azaleas; Second Place:  $250 and 50 azaleas; Third Place: $125 and 25 azaleas.

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